Honey, I’m home!

honey-im-homeI’ve spent the last few months working on building my Financial Literacy coaching career (I’ll tell you more about that other day). This means I had to really focus on one thing, and I was surprised to see that my last post here was dated from, well, a few months ago. Ouch! How didn’t any of you tell me so?

But now I am back. I missed you all, and I miss sharing and writing. And I missed my fellow blogger friends. Like Mr. CBB, from The Canadian Budget Binder.

If you don’t know him, let me introduce you. Mr. CBB and I both have a bit in common: we are both expats living in Canada, we both share the love for personal finance, we both care about making a difference. How does he show he cares about making a difference? Well, if you read his blog you will notice, specially when you read the Saturday posts.

The Canadian Budget Binder runs a weekly column called MAD (Making a Difference), where he features other financial bloggers. And guess what? I’ve been featured this week!

So stop fooling around and just go there to read his Saturday Weekend Review, there’s a thoughtful story about rich people being jerks (please note I don’t think all rich people are jerks).


I am coming back to writing here. Thank you so much if you stayed around all this time. I’ll do some changes here, and I’d like to know what you do want to read in SaveWithDan. Stay tuned ;)

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