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Working with Dan was worth it...

…because I’ve found a way to manage my money that doesn’t annoy me, but helps me to see the bigger picture.

I could say “why didn’t I just googled a method? I didn’t need to hire a Money Coach”, but this is such a small thing! There’s the habit changing, the change in mindset: I am not being a Scrooge by controlling my money, I am just being realistic with my budget!


I’ve learned my worth.

I’ve learned that my worth is not based on the money I have, I am much more than that!


I never thought I could have any potential in this area.

I was always labelling myself as “Isabela, who doesn’t know how to deal with money”.

[After working with Dan] I know how my money works, I have a much better understanding of my relationship with my money. And now I know it’s a daily work to get a bit better every day.


I get you…


  • Do you have a nice job with a nice salary?
  • Do you feel you are never in control of your money?
  • Do you think you should be able to show more for the money you make?
  • Do you feel you never have money to afford the things you want?
  • Do you feel you are always broke?

Believe me, I get you… Been there, done that.

Come with me.

I’ll take you from this shitty place where you feel like you never have any money (and are always broke) to a new, exciting place where:

  • You have absolute clarity about how to use your money better.
  • You can save for the first time in your life.
  • You are able to do stuff you never felt you could afford, or you pay off your debt.
  • You use your money in a sustainable and meaningful way!

The Roadmap

Making sense of your money, once and for all.

This is a 90-day program! Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Calls on an as-needed basis, with a maximum of once a week and a minimum of once a month — it’s up to you!
  • 24/7 email/text support.
  • A Strategic Plan that takes your unique vision, personality, habits, and values into account so you’ll feel excited about your financial future:
    – a spending plan (the famous budget)
    – a savings plan (for an emergency fund)
    – a debt repayment plan (if applicable)
    – a basic investment plan (if applicable).
  • Support and accountability to help you put your plan in place, and make sure it sticks this time!
  • Clarity about where your money must be going instead, based on what is important TO YOU.
  • Vision planning to get the things that you thought you couldn’t afford.
  • Better sleep at night without worrying about your bills
  • FEEL in control for the first time in your life!
  • Peace of mind!

Who said money can’t buy you happiness?
Who said money can’t buy you peace of mind?
I’ll show you it can!


for your peace of mind.
How does that look like?


I know you are saying “but I don’t have this money”. And I tell you: this is exactly the reason you need me.

I will help you find this money. And you will find out you are richer than you think ;)

  • One client of mine managed to put aside 5 months worth of salary, having started from a point of “I can never save any money”.
  • Another one was $10k in debt when the finances were under the husband’s management. She took control of the family’s finances and now they can take vacations and travel the country with their two toddlers.
  • Yet another one told me, after finishing working with me, that he had lost 2 of his 3 big clients. What could have turned into a chaotic situation was managed with peace of mind because he was applying the knowledge acquired while fixing his own personal finances.

Lottery? Big CRA refund? An inheritance? Nope. NONE of them had any substantial change to their income situation. They just learned how to better manage the money they already had!

So if for you this is a no-brainer and a “hell yes!”, click the button below and let’s schedule a call!

But if you have questions, click the button below and let’s talk. Don’t wait any longer. You’ve been putting this off for too long, and you know it.

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