Do you describe your relationship with money as “It’s complicated”? :/


You say “yes”, your money says “no”. You say “high”, it says “low”. And you never seem to get along nicely. Seems familiar?

Changing this is not that difficult, but it will take some will. I am a Money Coach, and I help people change their relationship with money and I all it takes to get you started is some tips.

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Deal! credit card credit card: why you should get one even if you don’t buy at Spoiler alert: it will save you money if you travel.

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How to change providers

How to change providers when you feel your bills are too high or that the service is not the best for you? Cable, internet, insurance, you name it!

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Money and procrastination

Procrastination can take many forms, and one of them is the Money Procrastination. Learn how to identify and overcome Money Procrastination and be richer.

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Supermarket specials: 2/$5

Supermarket specials are a powerful marketing technique, and Canadians supermarkets use it in bulk. Learn how to fight back and avoid loosing money.

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Interesting links – January

Some nice articles and links I’ve found on the web this week, personal finances related or not. Come back often, as the list is updated regularly!

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