• You are coming to Canada (or you have recently arrived) to become an immigrant, a student, a temporary worker, you name it.
  • You have a limited amount of money (Who does not, anyway?)
  • You have limited knowledge about what you will face on your day-to-day life here in Canada, no matter how much you googled about it.
  • You want your limited knowledge to get bigger and bigger.
  • You want your limited amount of money to last longer.

I will help you with that.

How? By sharing with you some little secrets about how to save money once you are here.


  • I came to Canada as tourist in 2008 and immigrant in 2012;
  • I have a limited amount of money (who does not, anyway?) and I don’t like to spend it;
  • I have some knowledge about day-to-day life here in Canada;
  • I want my limited knowledge to get bigger and bigger.
  • I want your limited amount of money to last longer.

Can you see how we connect here? ;)

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Let's go!

When I first arrived here in 2008 to spend three weeks, I could not imagine how different some things could be from my home country. I was touring and I had a super limited budget. I have read lots of travel blogs, magazines and books, but none of them told me “hey, look, this is the way Canadians do to save some money”. The result is that my money literally disappeared from my wallet. Looking back I can see many many little mistakes that costed me time and money.

Later, in 2012, I finally immigrated from Brazil to Montreal. Some life-long friends living here gave me tips about day-to-day life like where to buy this, how to look for that. I am really grateful for them. I had no idea there was such a thing as “last year’s winter coat collection goes on sale at this store every October”, just to name one example.

Look, I don’t want to talk about stocks or bonds or market trends. I want to share with you my discoveries about the little things that are different from our home countries. And it really does not matter where you come from. Canada is different. Canadians are different, and that’s great!



Why am I doing this? It’s called empathy. I’ve been in the same place you are here, or a very similar one, at least. I’ve made some mistakes, I’ve learned a few things. I want you to learn how to save your money when arriving in Canada, so you can have peace of mind to spend your money (and time) where it matters the most: with your family, giving back to your community, being a better person.

This is my way of helping people out, of giving back a bit of what life gave me so far. From time to time I meet someone recently arrived to Canada, and I give them some tips, learn some new stuff about their home countries and their lives, expectations, fears and successes. And I feel that the more I know, the more I want to share, the more I want to help.

I hope this website will touch your life in a very positive way.

You can reach me via email at daniel3ub (at)

Daniel Trezub

5 biggest mistakes we all make when arriving in Canada

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Everything you read on my website or my Twitter account is my personal opinion, based on my personal experience and on the personal experience of friends or other people.

I do not take money to recommend any product or service, and if I do, it will be clearly stated on my post. And, if I do, it will be because I really believe in it, and I think it can be useful or it can make a difference on our lives and it can help on our shared goal of save money while a newcomer to Canada. This is something I can promise you.

I cannot promise you anything else because, you know, you are not me. If you follow any of my advices, it’s up to you. I cannot be held responsible if you follow my tips and your hair fall off because of that, but I’ll try to always warn you if something like this could happen.

Follow my tips and opinions on your own risk, and remember that no one holds the truth. Thank you and enjoy the show!