Do you describe your relationship with money as “It’s complicated”? :/


You say “yes”, your money says “no”. You say “high”, it says “low”. And you never seem to get along nicely. Seems familiar?

Changing this is not that difficult, but it will take some will. I am a Money Coach, and I help people change their relationship with money and all it takes to get you started are some tips.

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On choice and your values

Everything you do is based on choice, and every choice you make is based on your core values. Knowing your core values is a key for better choices!

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Lifestyle inflation is a bitch

Lifestyle inflation is how we call when we start to spend more in a regular basis after (or even before) we have more money available. Nobody is safe from lifestyle inflation, and I show you how I tricked myself into it.

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Robo-advisors: some words

What are robo-advisors and what kind of services they can provide? Why choose a robo-advisor over a human financial advisor? Let’s talk about WealthBar!

read more credit card credit card: why you should get one even if you don’t buy at Spoiler alert: it will save you money if you travel.

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